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Home to some of the most beautiful sunrises on the Earth, our farm is about 15 minutes south of Superior, WI. Currently, we have about 90 cows of all ages. Our cows graze happily on pasture in the summer and on choice hay and haylage in the winter. Our farm is also home to our cranky, 18-year-old horse, Belle, who, along with being the herd manager, dabbles in some light cattle work. We have pet goats that also live in the barn, in addition to our chickens and turkeys. Along with the farm animals, we have two poor excuses for "farm dogs" Dixie and Rambo. Although they aren't much help chasing cows, they're our best friends.

On any given day you can expect to see organized chaos and something out of its designated space, but, most importantly, you’ll see a lot of love and care within those two gates. We love our animals and do everything we can to give them a happy and comfortable life. Big or small, young or old, all breeds and colors under the sun, we love and care for them equally.We love the idea of providing what we’ve been so fortunate to have in our freezers to everyday consumers. That was the whole idea behind the store. If we have this fantastic quality meat, why can’t you? Well, lucky for you, now you can! 

Our store is a place to come to for things done the “old fashioned way,” “the traditional way,” or just the simple way. Brandon started this business in efforts to bring his level of quality to our customers. You may wonder what “his level of quality” simply means raising beef in the best conditions to produce the best quality meat you’ll find. Our cows are raised naturally on pasture, supplemented with mineral salt and finished out on a mix of grain and corn silage. 

Now, with all that insight, stop in and put us to the test! Let us prove to you why what we do works and why it’s all worth it. We are just two kids farming, trying to give our community better options for where their food comes from. Trust us when we say: “It pays to know your farmers.”

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